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A Point of View

About 20 years ago I had an amazing opportunity to study with Ming Cho Lee in a master course called "Directing and Stage Design." After spending several sessions learning countless leassons from the great master Ming, I had a chance to ask him about the thing I wondered most - "What separates a great director from a mediocre one?" His answer "Having a point of view." There are moments in life where you encounter revelations that you just aren't ready for, but that you know are important. I took his words and locked them away as I do many such things in the place inside my brain marked "Remeber this," and resolved to figure out how to apply them to my work. My college mentor, always said that the artistic process wasn't comeplete until you had reflected on it when the project was over. And so here I am gratefuul for their advice, and relecting on what I see in the theatre, and how I see it.

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